Canaan Thai snack: The best Thai food in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong food scene is vibrant, diverse, and often authentic, due to the great number of ex-pats. The problem is not the taste, but the prices. Restaurants around Central, Causeway Bay, TST are great, but prices are often as high as 150-200HKD per person.

This is why I like all the hole-in-the-wall mom and pop diners in random nooks that blow your mind in both price and delicious flavours, albeit the lack of “ambience”. So what if you have to sit beside a stranger? I assure you that it won’t be awkward at all. In this joint, everyone focuses on the bowl in front of them, and all you will hear in this place is the quiet slurping of tom yum noodles.

North Point is located in the southern part of Hong Kong’s Island side. It’s a largely residential area with a spattering of random small restaurants and shops. Get out of MTR exit A1 and start walking towards the left. A 3 minute walk and you will see Canaan Thai snack (and smell delicious barbecue chicken).

This place is small, cramped, and the seats are uncomfortable, but the aircon works fine in the summer and once you get your food, you will regret nothing.

The menu is located at the front window of the shop, with a good variety of noodles, curries, stir-fries, and salads. Prices range from 30-70 HKD.

There will often be a huge queue of people at dinnertime. This is largely due to the fragrant chicken barbecue smells wafting in the air around the shop.

This is the tom yum noodles. Soooooo good you will dream about it at night. The soup is perfectly fragrant with a mix of thai spices including lemon grass, thai basil, and cilantro. Mushrooms, thai eggplant, prawns.


This is the barbecue grilled chicken with peanut sauce slathered on top of it. This is why I love Thai food, the balance between sweet, savoury, and a little acid that gives everything a kick.


Papaya salad made the right way. The green papaya should be julienned thinly so the sweet and sour sauce penetrates each and every strand (sorry this is sounding a bit sexual, but it’s that important). Includes crunchy roasted peanuts.

Thai Green curry with chicken. What can I say? The meat was tender and succulent, the sauce was just the right viscosity to pair with a plate of steaming white rice.

I was told this is more of a Hong Kong twist on a Thai fried rice, with choisam bits and tomato thrown in. Barbecued pork was also very delicious.

They also sell Thai street snacks such as deep fried pork rinds (heavy breathing), coconut-based rice cakes, and the classic mango and sticky rice. If you’re near North Point and want something delicious and cheap, I guarantee this place will not disappoint.

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