The Best of 2014: A Year of Healing

2014 was a year filled with travels, good eats, new relationships, and most importantly I was able to train myself to have a positive outlook towards life. Through disappointments I learned to accept failure and look forward to future successes.

1. I travelled to Taiwan.

DSC_0164Land of breathtaking architecture as well as nature, rich in history and mind-blowing deliciousness.

I scoured the never-ending rows of stalls at the night markets for strange and delicious delicacies and gained about three kilograms through the process.

DSC_0268I learned about different customs.

20140417-195842.jpgI also had THE BEST shaved ice I ever had IN MY LIFE while I was in Taiwan. Please, if you go to Taiwan eat all the shaved ice you can. Even during the winter (I went in January and it was still freezing BUT SHAVED ICE).

2. I learned that being an adult is perpetually tiring but there are ways to over come it.

DSC_0043Welcome to my life, coffee jelly.

3. I travelled to Japan for the first time, and became enchanted by sight, sounds, tastes, and well everything really.

I was mesmerized by the red tori gates in Inari Fushimi Taisha.

IMG_0420And almost died of heat stroke on the way to Osaka Castle.

IMG_0415-0.PNGBut thank God for ice cold beer and delicious food.

I also became obsessed with Japanese convenience stores (combini) and ate delicious snacks every day while I was there.

DSC_0013I was bombarded with nostalgia tasting ginger takoyaki.

DSC_0618And my dango dreams came true in Arashiyama.

DSC_0463I had the best meal in Japan, possibly ever.

DSC_0430And fell in love with the narrow, mysterious alleyways of Gion.

4. I explored Jeonju, city of gastronomy.

DSC_0134Where I was able to taste dishes with Jeonju’s own unique twist.

DSC_0068I was also able to taste new flavors as well in the form of a Guinness beer flavored popsicle.

And also buy ten homemade choco-pies which I became addicted to.

cropped-dsc_01251.jpgMost of all, I saw the beauty of Korean traditional culture.

5. I travelled to Japan again. This time Nagoya.

DSC_0304I discovered the best thing known to man.

DSC_0231Timed dinners to get the best discounted prices of bentous at department stores, and unabashedly ate them in the park like bums. Afterwards, I carried trash in my bag for forty minutes looking for a trash can.

DSC_0098But I had the best time discovering new eats and places in a relatively unpopular tourist destination and rekindled a relationship with an old friend.

This just about sums up my year, how was your 2014?
Thank you to all who have stuck around to read the random musings of a Korean girl who likes to eat. I hope to blog much more in 2015.

Cheers to a great year 🙂

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