Nagoya Day 3 Part 1: combini feast at the park, matcha ice cream at Nagoya Castle, and Midland Square’s immaculate bathroom on the 42nd floor

I don’t know if you’ve picked up from my Nagoya day 1, 2 post, but my friend and I spent most of our small budget on combini food. But like I’ve said before, convenience store food in Japan isn’t sad and depressing at all. So me and my friend set out to the nearest Family Mart from Nagoya Station back to Sakae early in the morning and brought our noms to a nearby park (Yep, we stayed in three different hotels for all three days). What I loved about Nagoya is that there are little parks basically on every street corner.

We met a huge, and I mean huge,  raven on the way to the park. We saw about a dozen or so of these birds during our stay, and they are massive. Reminds me of Edgar Allan Poe, especially on the last day when it started raining and all of them flew about trying to find some place to keep dry.

We shared a bentou box filled with white rice and terriyaki chicken. For sides there was gobo (burdock root) shavings and carrot slivers simmered in a soy-based sauce and a perfectly cooked and seasoned egg.

This was probably one of the highlights of the trip. The egg sandwich was so delicious I even wanted to buy some to take home with me in Korea. The bread was nice and squishy and the filling was made out of a mix of two types of yolk: perfectly cooked creamy yolk and a moist FEELS LIKE BUTTER kind of yolk. So delicious with a nice cup of iced coffee.

We also busted out our HARBS crepe cake we purchased the day before.

Fruit slices (various types of melon, kiwi, banana) are nestled in the softest cream and encased in thin ethereal crepes. WHY YOU SO DELICIOUS?

Even after a day the cake was delicious. It’s a bit on the expensive side, 700 yen a slice, but I highly recommend trying HARBS cakes. I was sad we didn’t get to taste some of the other cakes. If you are a bit low on cash, like me and my friend, don’t go to the HARBS cafe and order cakes (they have a policy of 1 drink per person). Take-away the cake and eat it at a park with cheaper drinks at the combini.

After a hearty breakfast, we headed towards Nagoya-jo, also known as Nagoya castle.

Even though it was pretty hot, the trees outside were slowly but surely getting ready for fall.

Get off at Shiyakusho station  and the castle’s east gate is only a five minute walk away.

Cute children on the way to the castle.

If you have purchased a one-day Nagoya subway/bus pass, entrance to the castle costs 400 yen (100 yen off).

At specific times throughout the day, there are special performances about the history of the castle, complete with men with crazy anime hair.

The performance is done in Japanese, so we only stayed for a couple of minutes before leaving for the actual castle viewing.


Lots of robe-fluttering and flashy moves.

Compared to Himeji castle and Osaka castle, Nagoya castle was on the smaller side but out of all three had the most interesting exhibitions. Also, unlike the other castles you could actually go inside free of cost.

When in Japan, eat all the matcha green ice cream.

There’s a stand right in front of the castle. Print out little tickets and exchange them for smooth, rich ice cream with a little sesame stick.

(heavy breathing)

The view from the top of the castle.

We decided to have another snack, mitarashi dango.

There was also gohei mochi. The dango was nice and toasty, but the number one dango in my heart is still the one I had in Kyoto.

Salty, sweet and delicious.

We then hopped on a bus to go to Nagoya station to visit Midland Square for a great view of the city.

The school uniforms were just so cute and about 90 percent of the students had various trinkets dangling from their school bags.

The famous clock tower meeting place in Nagoya station.

Heading up to the 42nd floor of Midland Square, which is opposite from the JR Towers at Nagoya Station.

Tadah. We didn’t want to spend more money so we didn’t go to the observation deck. We stayed at the 42nd floor and let me just say the bathroom was so high tech and immaculately clean/nice that my friend and I stayed in the bathroom freshening up for a good twenty minutes. Please visit the bathroom on the 42nd floor.

We were feeling a bit peckish so we decided to get a bowl of ramen.

At this point we were quite tired and needed energy so we went into a ramen shop located within Nagoya station. We had a bowl of shoyu broth ramen with toppings like mushrooms, corn, chicken, and butter.


We shared a bowl of ramen with one serving of gyoza (dumplings).

Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside.


Stay tuned for Nagoya day 3 part 2!

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