Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle was built in 1583 by Toyotomi Hideyoshi and played a pivotal role unifying Japan during the sixteenth century.
The castle is protected not by a measly wall, but by two huge moats.
The main tower was destroyed twice during the Meiji Restoration and World War II but was restored to its former glory in 1997.
That being said, if you’re a history buff with a thing for Japanese architecture, make sure you pay a visit to Osaka Castle. BUT. If you visit the castle, especially the interior, expect to see a very bland museum. I actually love museum trips. But paying to go into the castle to stare at screens playing scenes of historical happenings that had to do with the castle wasn’t that interesting.
For me, taking a few snaps of the exterior of the castle was enough to withstand 35 degree celsius weather with the sun boring down on my back at high noon.
Though during the spring or fall, the park is probably a lot more inviting.

IMG_0419.JPG Before braving the sun, I knew I had to have a little pick-me-up from the vending machine at the subway station.

IMG_0421.JPG A wooden board with historical facts probably written on it, but horsie with a daruma riding on its saddle!

IMG_0418.JPG After walking for a few minutes in sunburn-inducing weather, I finally see something.

IMG_0420.JPG Protected by a huge moat.

IMG_0422.JPG You pass the first moat on a walkway/bridge(?) and if you can tell by the little boy’s expression on the bottom left, at this point I almost passed out due to heat stroke.

IMG_0423.JPG Finally, a step closer to the castle.

IMG_0425.JPG I made sure to hydrate myself with a cola slushy.


Before making my way towards the second moat, I came upon a mysterious large building.

IMG_0428.JPG With a closer look, I discovered the building was used as a training grounds for martial arts.

IMG_0427.JPG Where I actually saw people practicing kendo! Makes me miss going to kumdo training sessions in Korea.

IMG_0431.JPG After safely crossing he second moat, FINALLY.




IMG_0436.JPG If you pay a fee to go into the castle where there is a, like I said before, very unentertaining museum, you can also go to the top floor for a view of the city. You can see this charming sign warning you of flying hats.



IMG_0439.JPG Little figurines displayed in the museum.

IMG_0440.JPG A quick, refreshing wash of the hands before I leave for my next destination. Warning, do not drink.

Part 3 of my Osaka adventures coming soon!


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