Osaka Day 2: Okonomiyaki at Umeda, Kuromon Market, and combini Mont Blanc.

Thanks to how loud the cicadas were and how early the sun came up (at approximately 5 am) I was forced to wake up pretty early. Today’s itinerary includes looking around Umeda and having lunch there, going to Osaka Castle, visiting Kuromon market, and having dinner either in Kuromon market or any other place.
Due to the extremely picture-heavy nature of my Day 2 itinerary, I’m going to separate my Osaka Castle outing into another post.

DSC_0074 The neighborhood the apartment was at, Nishinagahori, was only two stops away from Namba (central Osaka) but felt like an entirely different place. There were only largely residential apartments around the area and many people often travel by bicycle. Overall, I thought that Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto were very bicycle-friendly cities.

DSC_0076 Students dressed in school uniforms complete with a adorable yellow hat.

DSC_0078 Waiting for the subway.

DSC_0080 This kid definitely looked like he belonged with the two kids I photographed in their shorts and yellow hats. But he’s dressed in a rather mature school uniform with a huge bag reading a book waiting for the subway.

DSC_0082 Arrived at Umeda and looked at food (like I always do) in a random department store. But cheese!

DSC_0083 Kushikatsu, fried food on sticks. Vegetables or meat skewered on sticks, dipped into a batter, and deep-fried.

DSC_0085 We made our way to Garden City, one of the biggest department stores in the area, to the 8th floor where the restaurants are located. After looking around, we discovered a okonomiyaki joint with a long line out of its door. We sat down and waited for our turn. The waitress took our order while we were waiting.

DSC_0088 Draft beer is so delicious in Japan. Just the right amount of whipped foam on top and has the perfect balance of fizz and hoppy flavor.

DSC_0089 Okonomiyaki sauce, mayo, katsuo powder, nori (dried seaweed), shichimi (chili powder) to put on your okonomiyaki.

DSC_0093 A mini spatula to spatula your serving on to your plate.

DSC_0096 Some places make it right in front of your table, but this place brought ready-made orders to your table.

DSC_0099 We ordered yakisoba.

DSC_0102 And simple buta (pork) okonomiyaki with added moyashi (bean sprouts).


DSC_0104 Add toppings to your taste.



DSC_0115 This is the entrance to the restaurant.

DSC_0116 Overall, a pretty delicious meal. I would definitely go back. But instead of ordering yakisoba, I think next time I would order two medium-sized okonomiyaki instead. The yakisoba was just meh.

DSC_0118 The toilets glow.

DSC_0119 Man sleeping comfortably in public.

DSC_0120 HEP Five. A Ferris wheel. Apparently, you can get quite a nice view of the city. But, I’d rather just walk around the city.

DSC_0159 A coffee break. What I liked about Starbucks in Japan is that you can get a small sized drink unlike in Korea.

DSC_0162 Kuromon market. It was about 4pm when I arrived, and a lot of the shops were closing up. If you want to visit the markets, go in the morning or early afternoon.

DSC_0164 A coffee shop that sold beans they roasted right on the spot.

DSC_0165 Fresh wasabi in root form. The best kind.

After a successful day of sight-seeing, I stopped by the combini and bought a Mont Blanc cake.
DSC_0181 WHY SO GOOD? Mont Blanc has a sponge base with whipped cream and a topping of chestnut flavored fluffy mousse. There was also chestnut cream in the middle.

DSC_0183 I thought Korean convenience stores were nice. But this cake tasted like it was made in a nice bakery. It was so cheap as well.


Part 3 to come.


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