Taiwan Eats: Sichuan Cuisine at Chili House

Having lived in China for five years, I ate myself a good dose of Sichuan cuisine. When I went to Taipei and heard of a promising Sichuan restaurant, I knew I had to pay a visit.
Enter: Chili House. Located here. Only about a five-minute walk after getting off of Zhongxiao Dunhua MTR Station Exit 3.
After arriving at the restaurant, there were a few tourists, but the place was mainly filled with locals. Always a good sign.

Tried 58 proof Kinmen Kaoliang liquor, one of Taiwan’s most famous distilled spirits. My friend and I were sissies and could barely finish one small shot. After you have a sip, it leaves a burning trail through your throat into your stomach. There is also a 38 proof version that I hear is a little easier to swallow, but I don’t really enjoy the burning sensation of hard liquor. If you enjoy spirits or know anyone that does, Kinmen Kaoliang liquor makes a great present because the price is very reasonable in Taiwan.

A waiter goes around with a large platter of various cold dishes as appetizers. We chose peanuts. Little did we know these peanuts were not fried but stewed in various seasonings and chilled. I prefer the crispier version.

Wantons in chili oil are the special at Chili House. We tried the pork kind. The dumpling casings are very thin and the filling succulent. The chili oil really makes the dish, giving the wantons a little kick.

One of my favorites. Wok-fried chicken bits with a heap of dried chilies, Sichuan pepper, and crispy peanuts. The chicken is perfectly seasoned and so addictive.

Dry-fried long beans. SO GOOD. My favorite dish ever. I could eat this all day. Such a great balance of flavors. The beans are crisp but are perfectly seasoned and have a little kick due to the added Sichuan pepper and chilies. Highly recommended by yours truly.

Eggplant and pork. The eggplant is so tender they feel like what I imagine a fluffy unicorn’s majestic mane would be like. Perfect to enjoy with a bowl of rice.

All in all, I would recommend you pay a visit to Chili House when in Taiwan. The prices aren’t as cheap as street food, but the restaurant is clean and the dishes were all delicious. The place is pretty crowded throughout the day, so expect to wait in line for a few minutes. Open daily from 11:30-14:30 and 17:30-21:30.

Until next time! 🙂


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