Chill time at Hongdae

I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that Hongdae is my favorite location in Seoul. The main club area is loud and rambunctious with a quirky crowd, but it’s the “outskirts” of Hongdae that have really captured my heart. Especially near Sangsu or Hapjeong station, there are so many tiny little shops, bars, and cafes that are so unique; different from the bajillion franchise branches of stores and establishments around the main Hongdae area.

Case in point: Chilli Cha Cha. I found out about this little croquette joint after watching an episode of Eat Your Kimchi on the Youtubes. They do a pretty good job explaining where it’s located.
Croquettes are breadcrumbed fried deliciousness usually made out of potato and meat. But Chilli Cha Cha does something completely different with their fillings.

So many different fillings, including basil cream, curry, and FRUIT.

My friend and I decided to try basic cream and curry, as recommended by Simon and Martina.


They’re not that big in size, but the filling is so rich it does a good job as a snack paired with beer. The croquette itself doesn’t feel greasy at all and the breadcrumbs seem to be a variety of panko.

The shop also sells chicken and other snacks and even full meals.
I will go back in the future to try the fruit croquettes, which I hear taste like the apple pies Mcdonald’s used to sell (why Korea Mcdonalds did you get rid of the best menu ever???).

We wrapped off the night by stopping at a hidden gem, which I will never ever expose the location of because I want the place to myself. Muhaha.


Complimentary corn-based fruity poofs and pizza beer that tasted remarkably like pizza (ingredients included oregano, basil, tomato, garlic– sounds disgusting but actually had a very subtle pizza-ish taste that was very interesting).

When in need of chill time, go to Hongdae.


2 responses to “Chill time at Hongdae

  1. Croquette places seem to be all the rage these days. There’s a place in Yeonnam dong that always has a line out the door and they only make them twice a day and now they just opened one up for take away in the Mangwon Market. I mean, I love ’em, but seriously, so popular right now. Those look great, now I’ll have to go find them. haha

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