Why do people do this to themselves?

This is what I thought when I first took a bite of Buldak Bokkeummyeon, which roughly translates to fire chicken stir-fried noodles.
These noodles are notorious for their you’re-going-to-regret-it-the-next-day level of spiciness, and I was wondering what they hype was all about. So after watching Youtube videos of people eating the noodles and gulping down packets of milk, my friend and I decided to head to the nearest convenience store to try it out for ourselves.

Behold. The packet even states: “대한민국 마니아 라면 Top 7 중, 가장 먹고 싶은 라면,” which basically means out of the top 7 noodles in Korea, it ranks number one.

There’s a cup noodle version which doesn’t require any cooking, but my friend and I only found the original noodle packet at the store. Comes with noodles, pack of sesame seed/seaweed topping, and suspiciously red sauce.

All you have to do is cook the noodles and mix in the sauce. The noodles are a thicker variety than the normal shinramyun or samyangramyun. It’s similar to the thickness of Neoguri ramyun noodles.

I heard that it is highly recommended you add a slice of processed cheese or string cheese. Take the sauce, sesame seed mixture, and slice of cheese and mix into the drained noodles.

The end product. Doesn’t actually look that intimidating. Looks very welcoming, with the gooey cheese. But. THIS WILL HURT YOU THE NEXT DAY. Let me just say, me and my friend guzzled down a whole carton of milk and we shared ONE pack of noodles. The first bite was pleasantly delicious. The noodles have a nice flavor itself (gochujang base with a nice amount of sweetness) but the heat starts slowly creeping up and the next thing you know it, you have to stop eating to fan yourself. I kept wondering to myself, “why would people eat this???” It was painful.
But. So addicting… I really am starting to wonder how it is the human body actually craves such pain-inducing food. If you enjoy spicy food, you are going to love buldak bokkeummyun.


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