Do You Have a Hobby?



My hobby consists of decking out in protective armor and attempting to beat my opponent with a wooden sword. Yep, sometimes the stench wafting from everybody’s clothes during the summer and the green-and-purple bruises from a wrong hit makes me think of giving up and going to yoga classes, but after a year of training I’ve grown so attached to the sport and the people I probably couldn’t quit even if I wanted to. 

First of all, I love how despite your age, gender, size, or level, everyone trains together. Many think of kumdo as a one-one-one sport, but in actuality training involves each member of the dojang (training center) all together.
Every training session after we wear all of our protective gear, we stand in two lines (in order from higher dan to lower geup) and even though we might be dead tired/exhausted, none of us dare to ask to get out of the formation to rest.
Kumdo emphasizes courtesy and respect for each other (whether it be people from your dojang or from another dojang), the instructors, to the dojang, and to the sword itself.

For those of you who want to take on a unique, different kind of sport, I wholeheartedly recommend kumdo. The first three months or so beginners go through basic training with a wooden sword. During this time the exercise is not very vigorous, focusing more on the right posture than learning skills. Afterwards, you upgrade to a bamboo sword, called jukdo, and soon begin wearing protective gear and participating in the formation.

Here are some photographs I took at an event at our dojang (our dojang regularly holds events and other fun, casual gatherings). On this particular day we had a mini tournament complete with prizes and a after-tournament feast.










Yep well this was a very different post from my usual recipes.

Until I have time to edit my photographs from when I went to HK, see you later! 🙂


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