Chonggak Kimchi-Making (featuring my mom)

Chonggak kimchi, the radish version of cabbage kimchi, is a deliciously crunchy and refreshing side-dish to any meal. It is also called “ponytail kimchi,” which is highly logical because if you look at the radish closely it resembles a pony’s bum + tail.
Well anyways, my mother came home and decided to make some chonggak kimchi, so I took some photographs of the process. This post isn’t going to contain a recipe, because I don’t have the time/energy to do so right now… but I hope to make some kind of kimchi in the near future.
Behold! The beauty of kimchi-making.

Cute little pony bums with tails attached.

(2)DSC_0129Scrub the dirt off the little bums. My mom told me that you never peel the radish, because it’s the outer skin that gives the kimchi the fantastically crunchy texture.

(4)DSC_0131(5)DSC_0133Once they’re clean, you can keep them whole, but for optimal radish crunching my mom advises chopping them in half.

(6)DSC_0135Coarse sea salt is usually used in the kimchi-making process to wilt down the leaves and to season it. Toss a generous amount of salt onto the radish. Leave overnight for the salt to settle in.

(7)DSC_0136Get your prepared kimchi seasoning (which often contains garlic, chili powder, rice paste, green onion, and many other ingredients) and coat the little nubs.
Pack the radish and seasoning (very important that you get every last bit of the seasoning sauce) in an airtight container and wait for a couple days for it to ferment.

Enjoy as a side-dish for your meals, or you can easily enjoy it alone with a steaming hot bowl of rice.

Until next time! 🙂


One response to “Chonggak Kimchi-Making (featuring my mom)

  1. My kids at school love the radish kimchi and always ask for more. I’ve always wondered about the process in which it’s made – thanks for the insight!

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