Do You Have Any Leftover Nabe Broth? (Or any clear broth)

If you’ve finished off the vegetables and other scrumptious ingredients in a hot pot and you’re left with a bowl of clear soup, NEVER EVER throw it away. That soup is gold. For those of you who haven’t seen my recipe for a simple hot pot using leftovers in the fridge, behold: here.

Reserve your nabe broth and you have another meal sorted out, just like that. In Korea, after dunking different ingredients into the broth of a hot pot, many people usually go the extra step and finish the meal off by making porridge or putting noodles in the soup. However, when at home, I don’t find it necessary to stuff yourself silly until you can’t breathe by using the broth immediately. I reserve my broth and then for my next meal I put noodles/rice in for a hearty meal.

I know it’s pretty much sweltering hot in Korea (as it is in many other countries) but there is a saying to “fight fire with fire.” In Korea, many people believe that consuming molten hot pots of food in the summer actually help with fighting off the heat.

So, I shall show you what I did with my leftover broth.

First, choose what you want to put into your broth. I wanted something spicy, so I decided to use spicy Shin Ramyun. You could simply add noodles and a splash of light soy sauce and it would taste amazing also.
Add half of the spice packet into the broth and heat to high.
Add whatever veggies and other random ingredients you would like to add.
Plonk in your noodles. Mine was cut in half for optimal noodle to nabe pot placing.
Boil on high for a couple minutes until your noodles are tender.
I personally enjoy my ramyun with a little bit more of a bite, so I take it off the heat before the noodles are completely cooked. That way when you serve it the noodles are perfectly chewy.

Fight the heat with some steamy noodles! Eaten in a nicely air-conditioned house…

Until next time 🙂


2 responses to “Do You Have Any Leftover Nabe Broth? (Or any clear broth)

    • Yes, if i have some good broth left over and know i’ll use it in a few days i’ll keep it in the fridge. But if i don’t know when i’ll need it but i want it on hand in case i’ll put it in a container and freeze it. In that case it’ll last for a good couple of months! 🙂

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