Simple Eats (a.k.a. random things I ate at home this past month)

I must say, even though the majority of my posts have been recipes that I’ve cooked at home, most of the time I will probably go out to eat. But when I do eat at home, I like making simple meals that are easy to make and also to clean up. Also, I tend to cook about 2-3 servings so that I can heat it up and eat it for several days without having to fuss with anything when hungry. One example being:
One main dish with one banchan (반찬 side-dish) and of course a bowl of rice with cod/laver furikake sprinkled on top.
This dish is very common in Korea, called Saengson Jorim (생선조림) which is fish boiled in a spicy broth with mainly soy sauce and chili pepper. Any kind of fish can be used, but I decided to use boneless hairtail/scabbard fish which is used commonly in this dish. Other ingredients are optional, but daikon radish is a must. The radish sucks up all of the flavor in the broth, and gets deliciously soft in the cooking process. I added carrots because… I had carrots in my fridge. I think this dish tastes best when heated up the second day, because that’s when the broth really seeps into the vegetables and fish. Bean sprouts also work wonderfully in this dish.
My one banchan. Usually, in a normal Korean household there will be at least two to three side-dishes, but because I eat out so often I try to keep it simple. This banchan is sautéd aged kimchi with a little bit of garlic and a sprinkling of sugar to balance out the sourness. This aged kimchi was washed (hence the paler look) because… my mom washed it. I really have no idea why it was washed but I like the way it tastes a bit ‘clean’? without the red chili pepper. It’s the perfect amount of acidity and goes perfectly with just about anything.
Rice spiffed up with a sprinkling of my favorite furikake at the moment- dried cod, toasted white sesame seeds, and bits of seaweed. It makes any plain bowl of rice taste awesome.

Which is why sometimes my breakfast looks like this:
White rice with furikake and one umeboshi, which is a pickled plum (in my case it was flavored with shiso and konbu kelp). I love sour things, whether it be food or candy, so umeboshi to me was like love at first sight. It has a very distinct tart flavor that is very difficult to describe… almost like very sour citron, or yuzu. It has a lovely complexity that wakes up your taste-buds in the morning. I usually have the bowl of rice with umeboshi and furikake with a fried egg, sunny-side up. A nutritious meal to begin the day!

Now for random baking and snacks.

Making a green tea roll cake with adzuki whipped cream! It turned out delicious but was ugly… which made me want to make it again and make it beautiful to take a picture of it. I shall master the roll cake and post it someday.
A muffin made with hotcake batter, made into a adzuki whipped cream sandwich. Can you tell I’m really obsessed with adzuki whipped cream? Why is it so good? You simply whip heavy cream and fold in a bit of pre-made red bean paste. It’s like… what I imagine an Asian unicorn would poop out. It’s magical.
Orange slices. Fruit is so expensive in Korea I don’t really buy it often. I went about two weeks without fruit and felt vitamin-deprived so went out and got these oranges on sale.
My guilty pleasure… Manna buttered toast (originally a Filipino product) I bought while I was in Hong Kong. WHY YOU SO GOOD? It’s literally a little square of crispy, crunchy white processed bread doused in butter and coated with processed white sugar. It is probably very unhealthy, but really reminds me of my childhood in the Philippines.
Golden nuggets of heaven.
Sadly, this package was eaten in about two days and I can only dream about eating it again someday…
Manna buttered toast tastes best when eaten with a cup of scalding hot green tea. Even when I don’t snack on anything, I will probably drink one pot of green tea while at home.
The reason I drink a lot of tea most definitely has a lot to do with how pretty my pot is.

Now I shall end with a random picture of a pumpkin I will in time hollow out and stuff with sticky rice and other various nuts and seeds.

Until Next Time!!! 🙂


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